Gun type goes a long way in determining the preferable load. The standard NATO load uses a 124 grain FMJ bullet. I prefer 124s. This is a 110-grain JHP bullet at an advertised 1150+ f.p.s., although the barrel length is not given. Expansion . 4. Plus our favorite plinking. The Best 9mm Brass for Reloading . 6 Posts . Jun 12, 2013 #1 . Of the three the 147 feels like it has the softest recoil and least muzzle flip. 5 Reasons The Glock 17 Is My Baseline Handgun. When choosing bullet weight for reloading 9mm cartridges, your primary focus is reliability. Given a choice reloading 115, 124, or 147, why should I choose one over another? In other words, each gun must be as close to factory stock as possible with iron sights, no barrel porting or compensators or weights, and only 10 rounds of ammo in each magazine. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 19, 2004. The 9mm uses standard .355″ bullets, generally from 100 to 147 grains in weight. After years of experimenting with 9MM reloads; bullets (plated, jacketed, no lead), powders, loads, etc., I came to the conclusion that 115 gr. shenora1116, Jun 12, 2013. Ignore brand for now, but find what weight works best for you. There is a ton of load data for the 124g bullet, which makes for a pleasant to shoot, bu tvery accurate round. 2nd Best 9mm Ammo: Remington – UMC Ammo 9mm Luger 115gr FMJ 9mm parabellum, 9mm NATO, 9mm Luger everything is the same and used widely in handguns and AR 9. Shop for cheap price Best 9mm Bullet Weight For Competition And 7 62 Dragunov Sniper Rifle .Price Low and Options of Best 9mm Bullet Weight For Competition And 7 62 Dragunov Sniper Rifle from variety stores in usa. of Power Pistol powder, was the most accurate load in all my 9MM pistols (SIG, Glock, Walther, CZ, Ruger). The chart below specifies each brand’s ballistic performance factoring in bullet weight and velocity: Bullet Weight. Verdict: Best 9mm Ammo. Not all competitions have steel targets. Rather than buy expensive factory ammo, get the best 9mm brass for reloading and you’re set. Asking for advice for what bullet weight and manufacture seem to shoot the most accurate groups from an M&P 2.0. Want the best 9mm ammo for self defense? The 9mm Luger has been popular since the early 80’s, and shooters burn through millions of rounds a year. As of 2008, a value of 165 or greater is considered major, while values below 165 are minor. Bullet Weight For competition, heavier bullets are better. I use my HP for an occasional IDPA match where my primary concern is to drop steel targets. It’s a single stack mag, and again I don’t think you ‘win enough’ to give up the additional impact of the 230gr hollowpoints. Recoil will be covered in the next section. 9mm Bullets The HP pistol was built to fire the 125 gr bullet as stated and probably handles that weight as well as any. The 9mm will not create as big a hole as the .45 acp does, and it will never outrun a speeding .357 magnum bullet fired from a 4-inch-barrel revolver, so … +P and +P+ are best reserved for full-sized pistols. My Zero 148g hollow base bullet has a rough bearing surface of .625" and my Zero 147 9mm shows a rough value of .325". This is your starting point. I recently purchased a full size 9mm with a 5" barrel in the earth color. 9mm ammo can be divided into three classes: light, medium power and supersonics and heavyweights. You only have to meet “minor” power factor requirements as well, so we chose only 9mm pistols: the European American Armory (EAA) Witness Elite Stock II, Sig Sauer P320 XFive Coyote, Springfield XD-M 5.25” … I've reloaded 115 grain, 124 grain, and 147 grain bullets to just meet the 125 PF. We utilize FBI ballistic gel tests that measure penetration and expansion. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. 149 1. Chambered in 9mm, the G34 measures 8.82-inches in overall length with a … Posted by 3 years ago. cookbook. The 9mm has the advantage of higher capacity without enlarging a firearm's grip. The red bars on the bar graph above represent each bullet’s weight in grains. Discussion Starter • #1 • 11 mo ago. Whats the best 9mm ammo for Competition Shooting? I'm just starting shooting IPSC with a 9mm. Tell me what comparable ammo you can buy cheaper than 9mm Luger. Industrywide shorthand, expressed as 1:7, 1:8, etc., describes gun-barrel rifling rate. However, the various departments quickly discovered that the scenario had changed. Reloads. If the bullet you choose for reloading your cartridges won’t make a round that will reliably cycle in your pistol, all other considerations (purpose, cost, recoil, accuracy) go right out the window. However, they are inexpensive, reliable brands that should be your first choice when selecting ammo for practice or competition. But, when they do, you’ll often need to knock the steel targets down. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 13, 2007. In my book “Lethal Force and the Objectively Reasonable Officer,” I point out that after the FBI shootout in Miami, the FBI Firearms Training Unit, under the leadership of Unit Chief John Hall, tested 9mm, 10mm and .45 caliber rounds. The discussion has talked about weight comparisons but it's not just about weight when it comes to bullet stability and accuracy. The following rounds are FMJ rounds that are not recommended for self-defense except in cases of dire necessity when nothing better comes to hand. The standard NATO load uses a 124 grain FMJ bullet. My standard load is a 124 TC Bayou on top of 3.4 grs of TG at 1.100" OAL. The perfect 9mm self-defense load for sidearms, according to the FBI, must provide penetration depths of 12 inches minimum and 18 inches maximum when fired in 10% ballistic gel. Used by military, normal people, and security services.This guide will clear all your doubts or any question about using the best 9mm ammo.. JHP over 6.5 gr. shenora1116 New Member. I started reloading about a month ago and have been testing 115, 124, and 147 loads. In taking a look at Precision Pistol Competition (PPC), where the .38 Spl. South MS. Just getting into comp shooting. The bullet weight and configuration I think is important. I started shooting in January with WWB and other cheap 115s. Description: Xtreme 147gr 9mm RN HPCB Pistol Glock 17 Gen4 Notes 1: 3.3gr Red Dot Notes 2: Distance to Chrono (FT): 10.00 Ballistic Coefficient: 1.000 Bullet Weight (gr): 147.000 Altitude (FT): 1096.0 Temp: 52 °F BP: 27.82 inHG Shots # FPS FT … The 147 grain bullets were originally intended for use in sub-sonic submachine gun … The various 115 grain JHP bullets are generally the top choice for civilian personal defense, while the 124 grain bullets usually provide the best all-around performance. An important factor in stability is bearing surface and it's ratio to the weight. The long-slide Glock 34 offers increased accuracy to Glock fanboys and fangirls jumping into competition. I'm looking at zero brand bullets all JHP's I spend about 20 to 30 hours a week behind the trigger on AR-15s, shotguns, pistols, pistol caliber carbines, AKs….you name it. Although self-defense ammo seems to be all the rage these days, the American Eagle Syntech Action Pistol ammunition series is built as a practice-type weapon for a long day at the range and large volume competition shooting. The various 115 grain JHP bullets are generally the top choice for civilian personal defense, while the 124 grain bullets usually provide the best all-around performance. Contributing Member sbwaters Contributing Member. For example, I find 124gr 9mm to shoot more accurately out of an S&W Shield than 115gr. Can we start with a bit about yourself? That was based on the WW2 research where the Germans used a 115 grain bullet in their Lugers. 9mm Bullet weight for USPSA IDPA?? Hence, there is no obvious advantage of one bullet weight … 9mm bullet weights range from 115 to 147 grains and velocities from 1,200 to 1,000. … 9mm Bullet weight for USPSA IDPA?? 95% plus of all competition shooters reload. The first figure indicates one full rotation of the bullet, followed by the number of barrel-travel inches (in the United States, anyway) required for its completion. For example, using common bullet weights in the .45 ACP with the goal of a 165 power factor: a 230-grain bullet at 718 feet-per-second (fps) has the same recoil as a 200-grain bullet at 825 fps or a 185-grain bullet at 892 fps (Table 1). Generally speaking the heavier the bullet, the less felt recoil there is for the same power floor. With my first 9mm I bought (some years ago now), I only bought and fired 115g bullets. Q: Josh, thanks for sitting down with us to discuss 9mm PCC rifles. The power factor is calculated by multiplying bullet weight (in grains, 7,000 to the pound) by muzzle velocity (in feet per second), then dividing by 1000. One More Bullet or Double the Bullet Weight? 8 Posts . A 9mm bullet has to achieve adequate penetration to disrupt the vital organs, stop the bad guy, and not cause any collateral damage. A: I’m a competition shooter which means I travel the world shooting guns and competing with the best guys on the planet. After you’ve take care of your rifle, you’ve still got the problem of feeding your handguns. I was wanting to get some pointers on ammo gr. You are very lucky. […] products sale. Buy, Sell, and Trade your Firearms and Gear. Lots of guys are running 160s in 9mm locally. But, there’s another reason heavier bullets work better in competition: steel targets. 2nd Generation Glock 17 – 9mm (17rd magazine). The 9x19 uses standard .355" bullets, generally from 100 to 147 grains in weight. Close. … The FBI Chooses the 9mm Bullet. Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by sbwaters, Nov 28, 2016. Jan 1, 2018. I have since changed to 124g bullets exclusively. Discussion in 'GSSF / IDPA / Competition' started by shenora1116, Jun 12, 2013. I load a 147 gr Remington match bullet in front of VV 3N37 powder which results in a MV of 1,000 fps. I do reload my own for target and competition use. and brand for my Glock 17, without eating up a bunch of high dollar Hornady. Car doors, auto glass, and other barriers created new … I got great feedback on guns for these events and used my 9mm USP Compact for production today and did fairly well on accuracy using Aquila 124 GrFMJ - scored two straight alpha stages not total speed but fairly quickly. It is up to you to know your pistol and whether it will actually shoot a heavier round. Bullet weight and length factor into the performance of a projectile leaving a gun barrel with a specific twist rate. So that’s a 7+1 round magazine capacity with 45 ACP Auto, or a 9mm capacity of 8+1. Among them is the 9mm Competition load ($19.99 per box). Joined: Jan 27, 2016 Messages: 640 Location: Rome, NY. As Law Enforcement agencies moved from revolvers to 9mm semi-auto pistols, the bullet weight that they first adopted was a 115 grain 9mm bullet. Of recent years, I have purchased 3 Glock 9mms. Makes Minor power floor at 129. Firearm Discussion and Resources from AR-15, AK-47, Handguns and more! A heavier bullet penetrates barriers better, and when it hits a bone in the body, causes the bone to fracture and splinter. What weight 9MM bullet for IDPA and why? Archived. 1,422 Posts . Does lighter weight mean lighter felt recoil? I still recommend getting some FMJ practice ammo of various weights and giving them a shot. I'm shooting commercial 115 gr ammo currently, but am about to consider reloading for 9mm My Q is ....what are the most common bullet weights used in 9mm Production class 124 gr 125 Gr 135Gr 147 Gr The lighter bullets might be "snappier" while the 147 gr would give a little more recoil. Velocity at Muzzle: 888fps Average Penetration: 17.3 ”; Best 9mm Ammo for the Range. That shooting expertise led to the founding of Koenig Shooting Sports, which produces products that help competitive shooters better their game.