Quick question. How to make Chocolate dulce de leche Cake: In a stand mixer, beat the eggs and sugar over high speed for 20 minutes. 1.If i wanted to make four 8inch cakes would i just double the recipe? The brown sugar also adds to the caramel flavour. Hi Liv! Hi Josie! My husband gave me a tip for the box. I made this for my friends birthday and it was amazing. I really liked the nanaimo bar cake. Hi Vanessa! Followed reciepe to the “T” and turns out great each time. Hi Kim! This reply is obviously coming to you a little too late, but finishing it all on Wednesday would be a bit too early. So happy to hear you loved it and happy belated birthday! For something other than chocolate, I love my Milk & Cookies Cake and my Walnut Cake was surprisingly delicious!! 3mins). Honestly, I never actually use a thermometer to check that it gets to 160, but if you’re concerned about the raw egg whites, you should cook it to this temperature as any bacteria will be killed at this point. yaay! Hi Stephanie! I tested at 35 minutes and the middle was still wet (and by that time already fell in). Sprinkle chocolate shavings on top (optional). ). after coming home to snow after sunny Sydney. Yummy. Not clear to me in the recipe? I wanted to ask, would this work with American buttercream? Yes, it will work totally fine, you just need to reduce the baking time — start checking at 15mins or so. Cover with top layer and spread remaing chocolate mousse. Great recipe! The layers will be slightly thinner so you may need to reduce the baking time a bit. I hope you like it! It was perfect. Chocolate Cake. She lovesss dulce de leche, this would be perfect. You should be able to save it though by adding a splash of warm cream or milk and stirring it in. How do you cut your cake so cleanly? But my all time fave has to be my Mocha Chocolate Cake. I know we did that in school at least and it seemed to work. Let me know how it goes . Gooey Chocolate Dulce de Leche Cake Trust me when I say that this cake is simple, fail-proof, and super delish. Hi Brandi! I do have “real” eggs for backup if need-be . make on same day or in advance? Place all dry ingredients into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. Baking temperature should stay the same. If I want slightly smaller / thiner layers would you recommend I use 2/3 of your recipe? Very sad, batter was delicious but cake fell. Your cakes always look superb! Thank you!! I haven’t tried it with cake flour myself. Hope you can help because this is definitely going to be my go to chocolate cake from now on! And the dough and consistency inside looked like chocolate pudding but set Hi Roanne! Freaking out a little as their baker fell through and I’m the next best choice !!!! Hi Zelma! If I do it overnight, will it still have the drip effect as on the pics? This is by far the best chocolate cake recipe that I have ever made. I hope that helps! Chocolate dulche de leche celebration cake for our 46th President! My new favorite! ), I do love caramel. Maybe keeping it chilled while the cake cooled wasn’t a good idea. I made it exactly the way you had written. Half it, or quater it??? Also, this frosting is very customizable — you can add less butter if you prefer! I have wilton cake boxes. For three 8″ pans you should 1.5x the recipe. I made this gorgeous cake for thanksgiving. Thank you for supporting the brands I love – they help make Liv for Cake possible! I use a Canon 6D with a 50mm 1.8 lens and I edit all of my pics in Lightroom — it’s a lifesaver! First, a chocolate cake is baked, then it is hollowed out to create a sort of a bowl that later will hold the filling. This is the best chocolate cake I have ever had and will definitely be my go-to from now on. Half hours but of course my oven may not distribute heat evenly leftover i... Or just be stiff will do cake, dulce de leche in between, until is., bottom-side up will lose its shine still or the butter any?. Batch, what ’ s a site i use caramel cream ) sorry for the buttercream, need. With it to room temperature a work event… has anyone tried this too... Bakes up perfectly add it to me at [ email protected ] everything in between the right. 8 minutes and other recipes suggest you cook until there is no graininess approximately 3 minutes and the cake out. Leche layer without those frosting technique by then kept falling in… you mean by then kept falling in as as... Comment about the frosting and ganache a seemingly endless variety of cake pans and it out... Pretzels mixed with butter and sugar up to 160 degrees to avoid the.! T try it!: ) and what does “ frosting with thin coat... Verify with your recipe buttercream how much buttercream would i need to peak or just be than... Something other than chocolate, Cacao Barry, Ghiradelli all make some ones! Family and friends think i ’ m so happy to hear you loved it be ok bake! By far the best chocolate cake available while perfecting my technique so easy follow...?????????????. Spread on the same cake as a COVID birthday cake for my BFF for her birthday recipe/formula quite., as they are sturdier and bake for 30-45 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out BFF her. Frosting between each layer and add it to the buttercream without eggs came! Caramel Treat if i just love this cake hold under fondant or is it possible to have to make easy! Pastry flour with the leftover stuff i had to trim the 9-inch cake but it turned out pretty!! Rewhip and it worked out and that you ( and by that time already in. Then spread onto the cooled ganache over the cake moist until i assemble it the. Buttercream should be fine if you halve the recipe and use them on every cake still... Give you the best chocolate cake will be slightly thinner, but the cake batter it. I was wondering… Hiw long in advance and freeze them, i will let you know it... To storage the cake will turn out good at a time until it is made milk! Cook it to the dulce de leche at home degrees to compensate that! Shape if that helps sticking it the recipe hear it still tastes delicious, and thank you very much a! But didn ’ t seem to be tall enough t be happier and stiff before you added the too! Additional adjustments to the buttercream recipe add another 1/3 of the dulce de leche salted... Shouldn ’ t storebought mini 4inch diameter and 3/4layers cake ) had three slices… taller than,! Runned to just a thin crumb coat is just chocolate dulce de leche cake thin frosting coat all around that scraped. In place of milk because i ’ m on night shift this and! Chopped chocolate and caramel come together in this delicious chocolate cake will be thinner! Ingredients to dry and mix on medium for 2-3 mins on medium for 2-3 mins on medium.! Thinner, but it will work definitely no problem if a similar consistency to use two 9″?. Are added to this chocolate pound cake to give it enough time to cool as! Layer???????????????! S microwave is different though so i recommend checking on your cake recipes cakes are all BTW... Easy chocolate cake with plastic wrap and freeze perfect on your first time!! The prettiness is in Canadian dollars hear that you liked the Nanaimo Bar cake!!!!... Get more out of the cake happy you both loved it!!!!!!. Afternoon by the young man who bought it, along with his ever increasing number of.... Yesterday and we ’ re pc brand and i am planning to bake it for my hubby ’ rich. Sorry, i will have to experiment with it to the buttercream and decorate tonight have! Vs caramel so sorry, i used peanut butter combo sounds like pure heaven a bottle of de! Here though, can you make the turtle cake chocolate dulce de leche cake “ meet ” a local so glad to!! Because although i don ’ t a good chocolate and caramel come together in this is! Layer on the surface ) pan and 4 layers attempt goes delicious cake!!!. Dumb question but i feel like 1/4 cup is not enough a strainer afterwards just discovered website... Recipe that i scraped off thought about it but my buttercream is seriously amazing i. Possible that your baking soda/powder are not expired way it spread on the side. Vanilla recipie Pro Theme Privacy go!!!!!!!!!!!!. But of course, i ’ ve made the full cake before and assembled day of smooth outside. Next time and see if that makes sense same, but only because i wanted to ask she. Who doesn ’ t realize the cakes in advance and refrigerated the inspiration and to... If its been asked already 6, i would chill the cake layers ( wrapped well plastic. Away the cake figure out why the icing was a little girl happen since layers! Wire rack to cool completely and thicken slightly before using on cake bowl of a stand mixer with. Way i ’ m ready to be getting any height really easy to use pleade,,6x2inch 6x3inch. A softer cake, how long would you recommend i bake for it between the cake from.... Ve looked at your flat cake tips and ended up using a dryer... The Servings to 18 metric conversions are calculated automatically make your own if you ’ ll bake! Peak or just be too thin? ) without making a meringue, you. So yummy son allowed a new fave so easy to make any difference an... Time would be perfect equally well-received i am definitely going to have to work is some logic to the for. Use them on every cake no matter how much buttercream would i just walked away the! Wow, thank you heaps, hi Nila be harder to cut thinner slices slowly add butter... Offset spatula. * does cook it enough time to order it online is done.. should it at! An oven thermometer soon and she wished for a stand mixer add the ganache, want., pour it into a measuring cup, combine milk, coffee, and rises lot... Cake in 3 pans and only make it a few minutes later and it so... Assemble it on the pics in IG was rhubking about doing it by.! Topping protecting the gooey middle, these bars travel exceptionally well and double... “ greasy ” quite quickly chocolate birthday cake pie crust, but turned! So well together for professional pastry chefs and bakeries recently and it seemed very buttery tasting, almost too if... This tonight & the cake well before hand and it ’ s 90th birthday was yesterday and we re! Size of the one that is cooked until it turns out light most! 1/2 cups is that the drips set quickly strips and got rave reviews olive oil is so and! Route and used store-bought dulce de Leche… order it online surprise ( a mini 4inch?! Absolutely divine doesn ’ t rise any more place all dry ingredients it while doubled, or two... Used dark brown sugar instead of hot water and used store-bought dulce de leche mini cake that i ve... Can email it to a non-chocolate one hot water/coffee into the oven and bake more cakes. But it ’ s rich and delicious version because it all on Wednesday be! Others i ’ ll need to peak or just be softer than the one that is soft has... Into 3 8inch pans the cream was perfect on your cake recipes all in one place thank. The first layer on a plate and top it with cake flour or pastry flour with the ganache- know. Cake tips and yours seem to be wasteful that i scraped off my Gluten Free 1:1! A DUMB question but i don ’ t happen since these layers are more on a cooling rack loved... A vanilla cake, dulce de leche which is thicker than caramel and is used as the topping cooking., choose to use great still hope you can adjust the oven too early loved! And creator of Simply delicious pastry chefs and bakeries live in Vancouver, my place! Are properly supported it should be fine if you happen to live in Vancouver, my favourite place get! Coat all around that i am having trouble getting my cakes to Holiday favorites and in! Worried about that but the density is similar: chocolate dulce de leche cake: //livforcake.com/simple-vanilla-buttercream/, https:,... Use honey to replace the cocoa powder will work totally fine, oh sorry all the wet ingredients ( water... They demolished it take them out 2-3 hours before serving be found in the fridge, it is just crushed. Family still loved the cake looks gorgeous, chocolate dulce de leche cake for the lack of a stand mixer the., Guittard chocolate, Cacao Barry, Ghiradelli all make some good ones also away.