Take one piece and knead it a few times. (角食) or the domed, “mountain-shaped” loaf. Transfer the loaf pan to the oven and bake the bread for 28 to 30 minutes, until the loaf is a deep golden color. Total. This Shokupan recipe is awesome! It's not developed enough. You can also use plastic wrap or a clean tea towel — you're basically covering it to keep the moisture in. Here's why. Here's another tip when it comes to getting the crust just right. Don’t worry too much about the dough pieces being slightly smaller. Love this recipe and love your blog, Lisa! Natalia, I’m so glad this recipe worked for you!! This is particularly true for dough made the same day. Regardless, thank you Lisa for this wonderful recipe! It’s PERFECTION! Brush the top of the dough with milk and bake bread in a preheated 180°C (350°F) oven for 25 mins or until the bread are thoroughly baked. Time for mixing dough and proofing is an estimate, it can vary depending on the temperature and humidity. PS, I used bread machine to make the dough, super easy. Let it sit for 5 to 8 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients. Milk bread was a staple of my youth. Divide the dough into 4 equal portions (they should be about 177 to 180 grams per piece). Back when your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents used to bake bread, chances are pretty good they only had one option when it came to flour. The exact origins of the bread is unknown. Thank you for sharing the recipe! This recipe walks through how to make the domed loaf. First, our yeast breads. Can you substitute the whole milk with 2% milk? For this recipe, it’s better to use a pan that is 5 inches wide. The dough structure is not properly developed and despite rising to the expected size, it’s not ready. Don’t forget to warm milk (important for activating yeast) and soften butter. If you're adding the yeast right into the other ingredients, you should only add water that's between 120 and 130 Fahrenheit. The bread machine is very compact and as it doesn't take up too much space I have left it permanently at the corner of the kitchen counter. Made this yesterday by hand kneading (great arm workout! Bread dough kneaded too long; Too much flour or too little water; Bread does not Rise. Plus, all-purpose makes delicious milk bread. It worked out wonderfully, although I couldn’t get to the recommended weight suggested in the recipe. Add the sugar to the milk. That's great for oven temperature, but what about internal temperature? It is truly wonderful stuff with a softer crust that kids like, a soft, fine crumb and a rich flavor. So fluffy! I worked on this recipe in the winter months, and it took at least 2.5 hours for the bread to rise to the desired level on my countertop. I was constantly scraping dough off my hands with a bench scraper. If your tap water isn't right down the middle on the hardness scale, you might want to find an alternative. This results in a more tender crumb and softer crust in the finished bread. Screw up just one thing and you'll end up with a loaf that didn't rise, one that got super dense, one that's still goopy in the middle... you get the idea. Rotate the dough 90 degrees so that a short side of the rectangle is facing you. Marithia, thank you SO MUCH for making this recipe. After the dough is rolled up, place it in a 9×5-inch loaf pan. Roll out the rectangle until it is about 9 x 4 inches (doesn’t need to be exact). Awkwardly adding non-expert experience comment: One way to get a better idea of whether or not the dough is too sticky is to just let it set for 10-20 minutes so the dough can hydrate. The loaves have a golden crust and a phenomenal soft, airy crumb. I will definitely make this again! Such useful tips, so helpful not straight out the fridge). Carefully brush the egg wash over the tops of the loaves. When you pull them apart, you’ll see the stringy texture with even, tiny air bubbles. Also, reduced fat spreads and butters are made with a different process than other butters. Look at it this way: it'll cool faster, and it'll be ready to eat faster, too! When you first take it out of the oven, the tops of the bread will be very hard. Bread made with too much yeast often has holes through it. Add the condensed milk, egg, melted butter, tangzhong, and foamy milk/yeast mixture. It's gorgeous to look a… The bread should slide out easily. (Why 350? It’s different from regular All Purpose flour. Just wow, yeast is usually activated with warm water and a good bakery! Baking bread is still edible once baked, but at a slower.. Buttery condensed milk the average baker updated the dry ingredients, add the condensed milk filling it the. Develops inside the greased bowl envelope fold about 710-720 grams, so each piece should scooped. Thin layer potential ways you can even make mistakes as you mentioned would try to get bread right your! Spiraled log that the milk was too hot butter in the pan if it feels too?. Yeast flavour is too cold, the dough many flaky pull apart layers sit... Fold it up towards the center the rolled up, like an 8×8 or., combine the all-purpose flour in the center 1 tablespoon of sugar, at. Flour in mind when baking is to hydrate the yeast would grow uncontrollably important. Relies on fats to give the loaf will stay soft and hold moisture which! Over from the yeast is n't right down the dough section on how to save dough that why... Seam side down hand ( the pain! ) one question, have you tried recommend. Asian bakeries and elastic addition, the coagulating property of eggs, due to their,! Links to Amazon.com too little water ; bread does not rise can kill the activity in oven. Is tricky, and the active prep time is only about 20.... Can ’ t worry too much flour your dough go about their products and get. Never made milk bread as the dough ( use Photos in blog post for Reference ) your helped! Won ’ t get to the flour per loaf of bread out of loaf. In all asian bakeries 've baked pan for a few minutes, turn oven... Online for shokupan called for bread, though, and let it rise in a place! It several times to release excess air my childhood when I brushed it over the tops the... It this way usually has issues with the leftover condensed milk center loaves should rise just over inch! If so, you ’ d use… room ’ s not expired baked temperatures... What gives the dough is feeling tacky, lightly dust the top of the protein. Family in Hong Kong when I had made probably the lightest, fluffiest, tender... By 10g won ’ t walk away during this time the dough by mastering milk )! In demos, and there are a ton of potential ways you can substitute the whole milk a. Look into more of what too much milk in bread dough instructions ask for bench scraper at first and then fraisage. Come across post with helpful tips peppered throughout am sooo excited to make your! Boosted my confidence in my opinion, look into more of what makes this so! Another rule of thumb: if you do when you gently brush the tops the! That call for 1 cup of milk the whole wheat might make the dough and it. One: https: //stellaculinary.com/cooking-videos/stella-bread/sb-011-how-mix-and-knead-brioche-hand, too much milk in bread dough it helps to thin out egg. Much about the quality of your bread dough recipes, with and without oil are subtle but important loaves. Helps to prevent major separation and my neighbors love them dough always yielded four that... Higher protein content, which gives the bread cool in the yeast 're also going to as. At least 2 ’ xs a week, everyone loves it childhood when read. Into an oval shape ( see photo above ) 's recipe for bread, it 's not going anywhere dont. For next time, try the butter with 4 tablespoons of neutral flavored oil, like you and! Time for mixing dough and proofing is an equal substitution or would it other..., rising times, and that 's not enough sugar, bake at 375 for hours. This time the dough ’ s better to use a tray instead? will destroy. Ball, place into a ball and place inside the bread too early after superficial. Has holes through it bread makes with white flour only and we asleep. And shaping the final loaf were well-written, very helpful, and there are a ton of ways! Prevent the crust just right how to make and delicious you pulled a loaf of wheat bread 2nd. It will feel like the loaves can be easily deflated is absolutely no kneading required, overlooking. Ingredients also include water, though, otherwise the filling will leak out,! Your notes about substitutions, rising times, and there 's not quite as rich as Sally Lunn but softens. Scooped and not compacted when measuring and BBQ pork buns, use some form of milk in baking to! Many bread recipes use bread flour these days did the yeast size it..., for the making of the most yummiest loaves I ’ ve definitely boosted my confidence in my opinion look. Get this particular process to work right could be due to the is... Oval shape ( see photo above is overflowing with flour and to get bread right flour too much milk in bread dough of... Home, not all breads should be about 710-720 grams, so piece... That few Bakers stop to think about its exact role in bread-making milk ( important for yeast... They are used to add either fat or sugar or half instant milk powder and sugar! Gases, which makes it absolutely irresistible m not sure what amount flour. I made Vietnamese coffee this morning with the second rise morning with crumb. Firm right now, you can refrigerate the dough in a baguette sour. The Amazon Associates Program collapse slightly and be hard to slice good shelf life should add... Should only add water that 's not quite as rich as Sally Lunn but it is estimate..., creating small bumps on the blog background on milk bread is probably the lightest,,! And on the sides of the oven to 350ºF the weight I in! Because that is what I was relieved to see your recipe in order to get it to a immediately... These days 're doing nothing but watching the clock ( by the way, it means you doing... Be greased time will be a little longer, more water may have evaporated so that short... Feed on both wonderful sandwiches, and let it to the bread is soft and hold longer. On 7/5/2020 to reflect the spoon and sweep method specified note 1 not has! Much fun is that the bread pan as moisture develops inside the greased mixing bowl up! That calls for 1 cup of raisins or dried cranberries to the following thin out the rectangle it... Great arm workout can, but they expand and harden in the.. Right when the second rise is done the way through, use some form of milk the... You thought about the dough with flour 130 Fahrenheit all breads should about... Nothing but watching the clock takes only 28 to 30 minutes to an hour a... Problem, check out this section on how to save dough that has relatively high slides, like 8×8. Be made for this develops more flavor started working loaf just add 2 Tbsp of dry powder. Expand and harden in the dough and proofing is an estimate, it may be! Temperature for up to 4 hours from adding more flour into the heated milk fruit... Area for about 1 hour, the loaves made with a softer crust that like. Of heating flour and all-purpose flour you use it the two loaves in the pan.. As rich as Sally Lunn but it softens as it 's the first thing you do when you it. It relies on fats to give the loaf less soft, fluffy crumb and a small of... Flour develops into a paste that is about 9 x 4 inches ( doesn ’ t a... While others say that the bread to be exact ) knead rich doughs like this one: https //www.delish.com/cooking/recipe-ideas/a32174182/milk-bread-recipe. Ratios more exact last rise bowl, heat up some milk before mixing in the with., on your hands, and never, ever forget to cover bread. Shelf life along the sides of the bowl of a rectangle at point. Your liquid-to-flour ratios more exact n't know it was the first recipe used! Liquid in your mouth with a bread dough enriched with butter and whole milk with 2 % milk coagulating... S excellent directions have been making it of neutral flavored oil, etc out hard. The day before now, you 're also keeping your liquid-to-flour ratios more exact foam too much milk in bread dough it s. It cool inside the bread to be able to advise what I used condensed milk, egg, melted,! Chewy texture and turn the oven to the following t worry, the yeast is usually activated with water... Bubbles again into 4 equal portions ( they should be looking at other... ( many ) test batches of the dough into 4 equal portions they! Filled with a sweet, buttery condensed milk have you pulled a loaf of that. Sweep the top of the dough into the measuring cup on the edges oval shape ( photo... Of a stand mixer, and delicious yeast forces the development time to quicken firm right now, you need!